Jeff Chanton

Chanton Photo The John Widmer Winchester Professor of Oceanography

Chemical Oceanography
Ph.D., University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 1985

My research focus is fairly broad but follows the focus of either methane and carbon dioxide production, emission and cycling, and/or stable isotope analysis. At this time I am working in six different areas,

  1. wetlands, looking at permafrost decomposition in the northern boreal zone;
  2. food webs, learning about trophic relationships in estuaries;
  3. reducing methane emissions to the atmosphere, designing landfill cover soils which promote the growth of methane-consuming bacteria;
  4. methane gas hydrates, which some estimate may be a large reservoir of fossil fuel to be mined;
  5. pine forests, which can be large sinks for excess CO2; and
  6. groundwater discharge, an overlooked process which is important to the nutrient budgets of coastal waters.

I am also involved in the new Biogeochemical Dynamics Program at FSU. The Biogeochemical Dynamics Program is an interdisciplinary research-oriented, graduate-only program within the FSU College of Arts and Sciences which focuses on environmental biogeochemistry.