South Atlantic Climatology

Thurnherr, A. M. and K. G. Speer, 2004: Representativeness of meridional hydrographic sections in the western South Atlantic. Journal of Marine Research, 62: 37-65.

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One of the goals of the WOCE AIMS Deep Basin Experiment is an investigation of the large-scale circulation in the deep Brazil Basin in the South Atlantic. When plotting isopycnal tracer fields it was soon realized that data sets from different cruises had to be bias-corrected in order to remove obvious artifacts. The O2 corrections calculated by Gouretski and Jancke, (Progr. Oceanogr., 2001) proved unsatisfactory in that their data set lacks an important section in our region of interest (the 1983 Oceanus section at 24S). Furthermore it appears that there are still consistent biases in the O2 data corrected using their data; this may be because of typos in the paper, however. It was therefore decided to do our own bias correction.


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